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InvestingHaven - Which Cryptocurrency Should I Buy in 2024: XRP or BTC?

Investors need to constantly make trade-offs. In the world of crypto, the trade-off is very often how to organize a portfolio between large cap tokens and smaller cap tokens. In the segment of large cap tokens, say above 1 billion USD market cap (based on valuations at the time of writing), it is typically the well-known names like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Solana, that come to mind. In this post, we focus on the question which cryptocurrency to buy for 2024: BTC or XRP. Based on the charts, we see more upside potential in XRP in 2024 and beyond.

We start with a recap of recent writings. We look at recent and relevant writings about BTC as well as XRP.

How high can Bitcoin go in 2024?

Our answer: Our base forecast for Bitcoin in 2024 is $45,600 with a bullish forecast being $66,000. We expect Bitcoin to move to all-time highs in 2025.

Will Bitcoin go to $100,000 in 2024, 2025 or 2026?

Our answer: Bitcoin has the ability to rise beyond $100,000 in 2025 or 2026 after the ongoing multi-year W-reversal structure will be complete.

Is it true that XRP has a fascinating chart?

Our answer: XRP’s fascinating chart: beyond short-term views lies a very bullish long term W-reversal. How a shift in perspective reshapes the viewpoint.

Is our XRP forecast of 10 USD achievable?

Our answer: Our longstanding XRP price prediction of 10 USD is not only achievable, but it seems to be confirmed based on the chart setup and leading indicator BTC.

Buy crypto in 2024?

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First and foremost, the question is whether crypto as an asset class will move higher in 2024. In other words, the first question to solve is whether crypto will be attractive in 2024, is it worth buying crypto in 2024, before looking at the specifics of the token to select.

We published our point of view in great detail: Bitcoin’s Big Picture. This research note is available to all our crypto investing members (premium service), but it is also instantly available to new members signing up. We featured multiple charts in that alert, they make the point that it tends to happen from time to time that crypto outperforms broad markets which is what happened in October of this year.

That said, if we had to pick one, and only one, chart that makes the point that crypto will move higher in 2024, is the one shown below.

We believe that it’s worth buying crypto in 2024 because the ratio BTC:Nasdaq broke out of a basing formation. Since 2017, this has happened two times, each occurrence resulted in either a tactical rally or secular run.

What we notice on the BTC:Nasdaq chart is an 18-month bullish reversal (green box), with higher lows, right below the 90 week moving average of this ratio chart. Concurrently, this bullish reversal occurred right below the highs of 2017 (green thick line).

Crypto will do well in 2024. As always, a thoughtful crypto investing strategy is required with profit taking combined with the practice of averaging down. Also, crypto is only successful for investors with a long term horizon.

We focus on the weekly BTC chart.

It is clear, based on the weekly BTC chart, that a bullish reversal is in the making. While BTC may fall back to test the lows of its long term channel, the bias is bullish, clearly.

Medium term targets are 39.4k and 45.6k USD.

Long term targets: once 45.6k USD is cleared, which might not happen at the first attempt, we see 66-69k USD, followed by the magic number 100k USD. The latter is likely to be hit in 2025.

We believe BTC offers an acceptable risk/reward opportunity for 2024 and beyond, but investors should not try to buy the breakout. In other words, do not make the same mistake as 99% of investors did in 2021, i.e. buy after a big run. This requires a long term view and integrated investing strategy.

Buy XRP in 2024?


People tend to ask “when XRP will break out” which, according to us, is the wrong question. As said:

The right question to ask is not when XRP will break out, it’s rather are you willing to wait and able to understand the long term bullish reversal pattern?

In other words, the XRP charts suggest that XRP is buy-and-hold token. Yes, it exists, even in the crypto space, buy-and-hold is rare but it’s there.

Below is the weekly XRP chart.

Anyone who can read charts will see a bullish reversal which has a W-shape. In crypto terms, this formation is huge. A giant W-reversal with higher lows in the right part of its structure.

This is a wildly bullish chart. While investors may be in a hurry to see their account explode, we urge investors to give time. This chart will resolve higher, reaching 1.5 and 3 USD, eventually it will clear 3 USD, with a vengeance, it’s crystal clear it will happen sooner or later.

This is the point: the market will do the work, so we suggest to give time and space and not trade XRP.

If we compare the formation on the long term BTC and XRP charts, we conclude this:

  • XRP has more upside potential. It needs to break out of its reversal which will eventually happen but it might take some time. XRP will accelerate its move higher, but only once above 1.5 USD.
  • BTC has also good upside potential. It will move in a very different way compared to XRP. While there might be times in which investors will experience BTC as a better opportunity, the time will come when XRP will break out and accelerate its upward move.

It’s that one magic moment in XRP that will happen sooner rather than later, which will be worth the waiting.

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